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Here's another cheapest and most economical product from Indian Immunologicals Ltd., a subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board. It doesn't force you to buy 30 or 60 tablets like other similar products. If you need 10 only, you buy only one strip with a per tablet cost of Rs. 12.90 only as against around Rs. 15 to 20 per tablet for other products.

Ships pan India: Most reasonable courier charge of Rs. 46 to 65 per 500 gm packed weight.

Shipping Charges within Kolkata PIN Codes: Rs. 35 per 500 gm packed weight.

Shipping Charges within W. Bengal but outside Kolkata PIN Codes: Rs. 35 to 55 per 500 gm packed weight.


Shipping Charges in General: All actual charges quoted by courier’s website are billed to the customer without any add on charges by the shop. Higher weights carry lesser courier charges in terms of Rs. per Kg.


The website banner draws your attention to the delivery charge policy. The website home page has a tab of delivery charge policy at https://rkdpetshop.online/p/deliverychargepolicy . Please read that to know the reason for Re. 1 delivery charge that is visible to you when ordering.

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