Refund Policy—against cancellation or defect:

Refund will be issued to the customer through modes of payment advised by customer according to the following situations:

1)     Full refund of paid amount if Customer wants to cancel the order or Company cancels the order AFTER customer has already paid but Company has done nothing to pack or despatch the order.

2)     If cancellation is demanded due to change of mind at a stage later than that mentioned above, Deduction from paid amount shall apply for—

a) Variable packaging expense by merchant if order is already packed and

b) To and fro actual freight charge, if customer wants cancellation after the courier has picked up the order from store or the order is already delivered but customer has not opened the parcel.

3)     Refund of paid amount without deductions if Customer demonstrates damage or defect in product or partial refund if item is missing from parcel or found less in count. Such demonstration shall have to be via an unpacking video of parcel.

4)     In case of non-stock items ordered by customer against partial advance payment and procured especially for him, no refund of advance payment if cancellation is demanded after product has been procured.

5)     Total refund of paid amount if it is established that the courier has lost the parcel or has returned the same to origin without delivering.

6)     Goods personally picked up from store or home delivered by Company messenger can only be returned at conveyance charge borne by customer within 7 days from purchase if the merchant is convinced that the goods being returned are still in saleable condition.

Return Policy (Only if initiated within 7 days from date of delivery at shop or Customer's address):

Goods may be returned at Company’s cost to the business address of the Company as per the following terms and conditions:

1) If the goods are shown by the customer as damaged or defective through unpacking video, the delivered items shall be returned to Company via courier engaged by Company. Such condition defined in Refund Policy shall apply for compensating the customer.

2) Return is not acceptable if the product does meet the specification or performance characteristics as advertised by the Company or product manufacturer but customer had misunderstood the product detail.

3) Return is not acceptable if the product reaches the customer beyond Estimated Delivery Date owing to delays caused by courier or Company’s Messenger owing to any reasons that are not in control of the Company.