RKD Pet Shop, Barasat, West Bengal-The Animal Welfare Shop



  1. Please make sure that you should make an unboxing video clip in front of the delivery man if you suspect any signs of tampering in our packaging with respect to the 'As Packed' condition and appearance pictures we always send you via OneDrive link.
  2. Our packaging is made unconventional and unique so that any tampering would be easily visible by comparison. You have to cautiously compare the received package with the original pics before you sign off the document produced to you by the courier.
  3. In case you suspect any tampering or damage to the exterior of the package, it is preferable that you ask the delivery man to wait a minute while you unbox the products while making a video.
  4. If you express suspicion, he will have to wait while you unpack and make video. As a minimum, the face of the delivery man should be captured in a video clip while he's handing over to you and the package should turned around in every direction to show all the faces as well as the address label zoomed in to show the printed matter legibly.
  5. After that, you may continue to make another video clip of actual unboxing after the delivery man leaves, that is if he's unwilling to wait.
  6. This practice has to be followed religiously in case of transit damage, tampering or the products inside are found to be defective/ less in count. Otherwise, we shall not be able to accept any claim.
  7. Your compensation will depend upon your compliance with the method of making the video as described above.