Presently, only domestic deliveries are possible.

No free delivery offer, because our products are highly discounted.

Delivery Charge as you see against your order is fixed amount of Re. 1 set by the system because Google Shopping does not accept any item without a fixed delivery charge. For practical purposes this store cannot offer the same value of delivery charge for all of the 450+ items because of a huge variation in weight and volume for each type of product. Hence the actual delivery charge quoted by shipping partner is billed to the the customer after order is accepted is accepted by us and you receive a bill. The delivery charge is subsidized by us to the extent possible when billing and the customer always has the option to request a cancellation of order if the delivery charge billed is not found viable.

Summary of Delivery Charge Policy (Except vaccines and cold chain medicines): The most pocket friendly mode of freight is selected by us with the customer's priority in mind.

Free Deliveries: Not available.

Charge for delivery within 1 week from paid order, by RKD vehicle/ bike within Kolkata and surrounding districts--up to 65 km from Barasat Rs. 5 per

kg (1 kg minimum chargeable) or Rs. 10 per km (One Way) whichever is higher.

Charge for delivery within 1 to 3 working days from paid order, by ShipRocket courier partners within Kolkata and adjoining districts, 4 to 6 working days all over India--charges in both cases are quoted as per individual order and PIN Code as obtained from ShipRocket as per best rates that are available to us as Premium User.

Special concessional delivery charge is determined as per order value and item involved. Such concessions are added as a discount during billing over and above the discounts already published for the products.

Charge for urgent delivery by bike up to maximum of 30 km (One way) and maximum weight of 30 kg: Rs. 5 per actual km up and down.

For Outstation & inter-State Customers:

Estimate your delivery charge here from our PIN Code 700126 to yours by clicking on the link:

Delivery Charges for Vaccine & other Cold Chain Medicines: (To maximum of 60 km from shop)

  1. Free delivery within Barasat Municipal Limits, Panchayat areas surrounding Barasat, Kolkata and adjoining districts: Within 3 working days in cool pack, for minimum order value of Rs. 1,500 at normal offer rates.
  2. Paid Delivery for lesser orders as per tariff chart below: For lesser value orders, or for specially discounted items on CSR offers.
  3. Paid Delivery for Urgent 'Same Day' Delivery charge as per tariff chart below, for orders of any value: Within Kolkata and surrounding Districts up to 60 km of shop within 1 day from date of payment.

Tariff Chart for paid deliveries:

  • Rs. 50, upto 15 km from base.
  • Rs. 100, upto 20 km from base.
  • Rs. 200, upto 25 km from base.
  • Rs. 300 upto 35 km from base.
  • Rs. 400 upto 60 km from base.

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